Jumat, 08 April 2011

i love crafting ,cooking , and SUPERMAN IS DEAD

(i have just coming home after watching my favourite band's concert ,  
i love ther music very much ! <3

but i learn some great lesson today
" do not ever bring valuable stuff "
 my friend had lost her cellphone .I suspect a man who pretending dancing in the crowd. but suddenly he was gone, would be very difficult to catch the middle of the crowd that much. This incident made ​​me feel "not too happy" even though my favorite band in front of my eyes: I hope the thief gets punished, at least from God.
amin .

what about my cellphone ? i leave it in my frend's house with my motorcycle and my purse .it's save and thats the reason why i don't take any picture of the show -.-

so here are some tips for you

* better not bring valuable stuff , just bring some money in your pocket .
* bring a guard (i mean a friend or friends  :p.never walk alone )
* be careful of JERKS ! (they usually stealing something ,do violence , and touching girls part of body (harassing act) .. ) INSANE people everywhere , we better anticipate before it's too late .

haha this is  an un-crafty post :)but  hopefully could be a useful warning for us .

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