Selasa, 19 April 2011

giveaway from others :)

hello , aku baru tau deh kalo diantara para blogger suka ngadain giveaway :)
gara gara habis lihat giveaway dari blog fabricfame

and this is her 1st giveway:)

its easy to get this giveway:

1. become fabricfame follower on blogspot. [If you have another social media, I love to be a friend of you. on multiply, facebook or twitter^^]

2. post a comment about what kind of fabric[including the pattern like polkadot, stripe,etc] do you like most?
3. put some info about this giveway in your socmed, it's up to you where to put them:)

see, it easy?

I have 2 kind of giveway:)
here we go :

[pray for japan fabric]
length : 2 metres
wide : 115 centimetres
japan cotton

[ada pak tani]
length : 2 metres
wide : 115 centimetres
batik fabric

[ 3 of fabric camera strap]
best for canon dslr or you can use for anything you want:)

this giveway are for 5 lucky friends:)
you have time until May 3rd, 2011

so i try to join it ! hahahahh :D
wish me luck guys ! ;p
probably sometime i can make my own giveaway :)

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