Kamis, 09 Juni 2016

Little re introduction of me and Fleurify


It's been three years since i wrote my last entry! Whoa, i might have to clean some dust here a little bit ;)
Well then, i think three years deserve a brief re-introduction of my self. Here we go!
My name is natura, i have been loving making crafts since i was a kid. Yes i think i am a crafty person but i still need to learn a lot! Like everybody who love crafts i am always interested to try something new.
i started my very first crafting buisness as owlielolie in my second grade in senior high school. Owlielolie was selling customized pencil case made form felt fabric. I have some post about it down there in the older post if you want to take a peek. After owlielolie there's shopsugar which is traditional meet modern shoe line, and lately i've been so excited about flowers and i saw lots of amazing people out there in the world making a fabulous flowers from papers and various types of fabrics including felt! So, i decided to make my own. So, please take a look at my Fleurify!

flowers that will last forever 

 Do you love it like i do?

Take a look at our instagram for another flowers

contact us :

LINE fleurify
Instagram @fleurify_

Have a nice day!

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