Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

gross grain ribbon :)

look at owlie's plain grossgrain ribbon collection :)
it's plain and avilable in many colours 
that's why it's suitable for every crafting project ! :D

those are plain grossgrain ribbons with a width of 2,5 cm and 1 cm :)
top-down : milkybrown,creme,softpink,lightleafgreen

top-down : krem (creme)
coklat tua (dark brown)
biru langit (sky blue)
kuning muda banget (very soft yellow)
pink tua (pink)
biru muda (light blue)
hijau daun muda (soft leaf green)
pink muda (soft pink)

price :
width 2,5 cm ; IDR 20000/rol IDR 2000/meters
width 1 cm ; 12500/rol IDR 1000/meters

*1 rol is about 18 m to 20 m in length :)

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